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How To Hide Read Stories On Hacker News

How To Hide Read Stories On Hacker News

A comment with many replies is essentially a new "sub-post" with a life ... The only changes I have seen in ~4 years are A) hiding the up/down.... Instead of taking the message of the original story, Hackernews tells stories of memory ... Some webshits have managed to completely remove any advantage of CSS ... One Hackernews relates a story about reading the Word, and rejecting it;.... New top story on #HackerNews: Using Anki to remember what you read ... New top story on #HackerNews: Show HN: Unscreen Remove Video and GIF.... Hacker News is one of our favorite places to find interesting stories, learn about apps and side projects from the dev community and stay.... Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about ... Read and share Hacker News stories, sorted by 'Top', 'Best', and 'New'. ... to reply to is long, that comment will occupy the screen and block/cover up the.... They were reading Hacker Newsa link aggregator and message board that is ... A recent comment thread about a Times article, YouTube to Remove ... In April, when a story about Katie Bouman, an M.I.T. researcher who.... Anything you'd add/remove/change? ... When I read a book, in the middle of a paragraph, I start getting new ideas related to the topic, and my ... I have read plenty of short stories on screens, but have abandoned every attempt at reading a full...

Lastly, you should see all the stories in which you pressed the Hide button on right here on this page. If you wish to unhide a story, hit the un-hide button right below the story's title. The same applies if you're using Hacker News on your mobile too.. Top books of all time found in comments on Hacker News. ... Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software Read 56 comments 2. Influence: The ... 9. Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days Read 25.... Read Hacker News stories and comments distraction-free from the desktop Sort by top, new and best stories Enable or disable site cookies.. Download HACK for Hacker News Developer and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ... Colored usernames helps in easy reading of story titles ... Go to settings > Disable the "Use in-app Safari" setting > tap that row.... hckr news is a simple interface great for finding the top stories of the day and filters can be set to retrieve the top 10, top 20 and top 50% of ranked articles. The.... tl;dr: One submission on Hacker News sent over 16,000 visitors to our ... I only used Hacker News to read the news and find interesting stuff, but ... Sad story. ... There's also a list of hidden norms on Hacker News that you can.... Hacker News, but refined Interface tweaks and features to make the HN ... without reloading the page. hide-read-stories Options bar: Hide/show stories.... HACK for YC's Hacker News is the most beautiful and easy way to read about the ... On iPads, you can drag a story / comment / story's image (link) to open it in safari in ... Go to settings > Disable the "Use in-app Safari" setting > tap that row to.... I really like it and use it daily to read hacker news. If you are not vary ... What are some hidden design gems on hacker news website? 872 Views ... Besides Hacker News and Reddit, where are the best places to post links to news stories?. The latest Tweets from The Hacker News (@TheHackersNews). Most trusted, widely-read, independent source of latest news and technical coverage on.... Choosing the time of posting your story on Hacker News has great influence on visibility. Analysis ... Let's get a quick read on the topics published on HN by doing a word cloud on the titles. ... Let's remove those from the titles.. An unofficial, alternative interface to Hacker News.. This is a quick tutorial to explain how to hide read stories on Hacker News. Here I will talk about a handy Chrome extension which lets you...


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